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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Even more about staying safe online from CommonSense Media

Some of the tips and hints from this site jumped out at me.

If only I had guidance in using the media wisely when I was a teenager!

(I did, really. I hardly watched television until I was 10, and then only the ABC and SBS - hardly any commercial television. And my Dad and Uncle were journalists, so I knew about the dirty/seamy side of the media too).

(Shouldn't you ask permission before IMing a stranger?)

My favourite tip is perhaps this one:

"Don’t fill out any “fun” questionnaires that
are forwarded to you, even if they are from
your friends. You are in a world where
everything can get forwarded. All those
personal things about you could land in the
hands of someone who could use them to
hurt you."

Here is an inspiring - and safe - site for those with Learning Disabilities and those who love them:

There are a lot of great sites for kids and young teenagers which Common Sense Media shows us.

I think I will really enjoy the game Snoozleberg:


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