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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Non scholae sed vitae discimus" - Seneca

In English: (take note this is a liberal translation; apart from osmosis, I have little real knowledge of Latin or for that matter classical tongues which takes in Greek, Hebrew and Sanskrit. I do wish I did, as this is part of a liberal/classical education) We learn not in school but for life. So true!

Seneca is a lovely philosopher. He says some wise things about managing anxiety. I think there is a lot of anxiety going on among teachers and adminstrators when their students put up things about themselves to the world. Perhaps there are weaknesses exposed. Another philosopher, Socrates, told us not to be afraid of our weaknesses, because they would help us in the end. At least if we know that we do not know, we can work on it next time and perhaps gain the knowledge which would help us. I first met Seneca in Alain de Botton's The Consolations of Philosophy. I found Status Anxiety to be a most demanding philosophical project, and I do not know yet the terrain of his latest book. Perhaps I should read more serious philosophical works other than popularises, and actually get into the meat and bones of such men as Seneca. Unfortunately I am not taking a Summer School course at the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy as I did last year with Nietzsche. Though I want to learn heaps more about post-modernism like Deleuze and also Merleau-Ponty and what they did for the Continental project. Also I would like to improve my knowledge of analytical philosophy too, so that I do not become one-sided. I am well aware I could learn these things on the web. Indeed, I did some reading of Lacan last week, on Butterflies and Wheels. I adore the man and the way he plays with language. (Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration.)

So here we are then:
Here is the article about Lacan if you would like to read it:

There is not much writing in there yet, in the site where I took the saying from. But students should definitely learn to create blogs and wikis in their curriculum. It will teach them to be good witnesses and colloborators. I cannot think of anything more sensible and thought-out to say just now, as I am aching all over. I would like to very much. There is an interesting book about Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre on the market just now.

I did go to LibriVox but I will not be recording anything just yet. Not until the 31st if I am lucky and if Harvey Norman is reliable. I suppose until then I can get a set of blank tapes and record from there. Put my name down for several Blake poems (several? I nearly claimed the lot. And what sort of date is February the 31st? But it would be good if that month were three days longer) and one Black Beauty chapter. I liked the sound of "Thou rose art sick" ... by Chip.

I did not get up until 10am Australian time and I didn't have my shower until 2pm. Then I ate at a well-known fast-food restaurant. I read lots about Roald Dahl because of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Yesterday when I went to a well-known video/DVD store where I live I saw lots of Willy Wonka food behind the counter. I am an old-fashioned lover of Nerds. I also did some reading about Joseph and his Dreamcoat. Among the DVDs I have borrowed are the Third Man and Dr Zhivago. I did want Shakespeare in Love and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I borrowed the Dreamcoat and two others I cannot remember.

Am listening to Joan Baez a lot. I got her because of her similarity to Bob Dylan. I love the way she sings songs like "Suzanne" and "Please Come to Boston" and "The Night they Drove old Dixie Down" and the one with the lyric about "my poetry was lousy you said". Two days ago the deadline for the Josephine Ulrick passed. Josephine Ulrick is a poetry competition named after a lady who was very kind to writers and lived in the Queensland area. The competition is sponsored by Griffith University. Sent in a poem to them a month ago, before Christmas, anyway!
Another Joan Baez lyric I like is "the wine was Germany's best". Of course I can't really speak of a Joan Baez lyric because so many of her songs are folk standards. That would show my ignorance, wouldn't it?

I did listen to Wicked Wikipedia and I must admit I found the other daily/weekly segments far more interesting than I found that one. Because I could not hear clearly - that was the main reason.

The Australian Open is getting interesting. A fellow Wikipedian is watching it, and I have told her my username. She is going to see Hingis and maybe Juan Carlos Ferrera. This is exciting. Mum and I watched Pratt vs Pierce. Pratt was a good fighter. Dellaqua - what a shame she let her nerves overtake her. Same goes really for Jelena Dokic.

Those people who are inspired to check out Wikipedia: thank you. On the 15th it was the fifth anniversary of when Wikipedia came into the world.

Who is the new Doctor? We saw an episode - the end of one - from 1987. I am almost sure that is Sylvester McCoy, and that he has been in the episodes for some time.


Anonymous Chloe said...

Bronwyn G,
Thanks for the comment. I mostly uesd a song my cousiin taught me for the words, but I made a few modifactions. That's what it's based on. I thought that t was funny. I have no ideaabout the last questions, though!

January 17, 2006 8:36 AM  
Blogger Bronwyn G said...

Your cousin had a good song, and the modifications improved it immeasurably. I also thought it was funny too - but sad in places, like the ambulance.

Perhaps you could find out what life is like in an ambulance from your reading and research. The same resources would tell you about the artificial head.

By the way - I enjoyed your ecologically concerned blog about the Great Barrier Reef. I especially enjoyed reading about your concern for starfish, and for us 'careless humans'. I have never yet been to Queensland but my mum and boyfriend have and both have seen the reef. I have seen it in pictures. When/if you go to Australia, would you like to go to the reef? It is a great natural resource, as you perceived, as well as a tourist attraction. I hope there will still be a Great Barrier Reef for you to go to, when you take on your world travels.

January 17, 2006 1:15 PM  
Blogger Anne Davis said...

I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the commenting you do on many blogs! I love reading your blog and have learned much from the many conversations you are having in the blogging world. We need more voices like yours! Thanks for making a difference.


January 18, 2006 8:18 AM  

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